At Paradise Valley Time we take pleasure in curating a selection of rare and sought-after
timepieces from the world’s most revered watchmakers.

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When working with modern luxury timepieces, the importance of condition cannot be overstated. At Paradise Valley Time, we vow to protect our clients through uncompromising discernment when purchasing timepieces. In addition, we constantly strive to be as accurate as possible when describing the condition of our timepieces.


Utilizing our vast product knowledge and experience with luxury timepieces, we are meticulous and thorough throughout our authentication process. Paradise Valley Time guarantees 100% authenticity on all of our timepieces, providing valuable peace of mind to our clients.

Market Knowledge

The market for luxury timepieces has never been more dynamic, and watches are increasingly becoming an alternative investment for buyers around the world. With our deep understanding of the global luxury watch market, Paradise Valley Time continues to provide our clients with the most up-to-date information and new market trends.

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